When you have confidence, you feel as though you can do anything in life. You can ace that job interview, impress that boy you have always fancied, and live the life you have always wanted.

When you don’t have confidence, however, life can seem like a real pain. You might shy away from even attending the job interview because you know you won’t get the job anyway, and you might drift through life squeezing into someone else’s plans. Not cool.

Although it isn’t always easy to build self-confidence, the good news is that it is 100% possible. Confidence wasn’t something handed out at birth by God; rather, it’s something all of us can possess as much of as we want.

Here are 10 super creative tips on how to be more confident, so that you can live your life like a winner.

One of the most important tips on how to be more confident is to acquire knowledge. The great American investor Warren Buffet is famous for pretty much reading a book a day. He once said: “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

These wise words are the cornerstone of success and confidence.

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Think about it: The more you know, the more power you have throughout life. You can chirp up in heated debates and prove people wrong, solve problems, and get any job you want because you know how to do it!

Reading is a great way to build up your knowledge base. When you have more info, you feel a lot more positive about life. You don’t have to ponder through life wondering why, how and what. You know it all!

Next tip on how to be more confident is to listen to your favorite music.

Athletes, entrepreneurs and all other kinds of successful people aren’t always “in the zone” themselves. They might appear to be in the zone when you see them, but that’s because they’ve taken the right steps to get there.

This often includes listening to their favourite, most inspiring music in the morning.

Music can lift your mood and fill you with confidence. It doesn’t matter whether it’s classical music or hip hop; whatever type you know makes you feel better about yourself, listen to it as often as possible. The boost is only temporary, but it feels good while it lasts.

Networking isn’t easy when you’re low on confidence, but perhaps you’ve not been focusing on your strengths all this time.

People say that we should talk about our own stuff when we network, but this is hard to do when you’re short of confidence. You might attempt to explain what you do, only to stumble through your words and forget key information!

It’s like when someone asks us to tell them what our novel is about. Being put on the spot like that suddenly gives us brain freeze!

Instead of trying to explain your own stuff, why not just focus on how you can help others? Ask them what they do and then offer your services.

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Another good tip on how to be more confident is to recognize your past achievements. Far too many of us live in the future when we’re low on confidence. We think about how we’re going to fail this and that because we’re just not good enough and never have been good enough.

Take a moment to think back to a time when you achieved something. This can be anything, from dating a guy to getting a place in college or university.

When we’re not feeling too great, we find it hard to remember our past achievements. But by focusing on what you’ve already done, you remind yourself that if you’ve done something awesome once, you can sure do it again.

How confident and awesome do guitarists and pianists look when they’re on stage? Bet you wish you could play like that, right? But instead of playing like that, you’re going to switch off the video and return to watching Netflix like a champion.

There is nothing stopping you from learning a new skill and mastering it. Guitarists and pianists have got nothing you haven’t got except a desire to take action.

Exercising regularly is another important tip on how to be more confident. One of the most common reasons why people lose their confidence is because their body has somehow gone out of shape. Maybe we’ve put on a few extra pounds, or maybe our thighs just seem so much bigger than they used to. Or maybe our bum just isn’t as good as everyone else’s.

There is a simple remedy for this: Exercise.

Working out regularly can help you achieve the body of your dreams, which is a great confidence booster.

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If no one has been genuinely complimenting you lately and making you feel good about yourself, it’s time to stop relying on others for a pick-me-up and time to start doing it yourself.

Each morning, you could try looking at yourself in the mirror and praising your qualities. Tell yourself how awesome you are, how beautiful you are, and how you’re going to seize this day.

When we’re low on confidence, we find excuses not to do stuff:

“I can’t go to the party, I’ve got diabetes now.”

“I can’t go to that job interview after all, I’ve got a weird skin thing going on.”

“I can’t go on that date with that guy because my hair has fallen out.”

Excuses don’t do you any good. Instead, you should just fight your fears, think “…and so what!” and just do stuff!

What have you got to lose?

Another tip on how to be more confident is to do something that you like, something that makes you smile each and every day.

Smiling is a great way to build confidence, but it’s not easy to smile when we’ve got nothing to smile about.

So why not do something each and everyday that you know will make you smile? This could be anything, from watching a comedy film, talking to an old friend, going for a walk in the park to watching the sunset.

Think about the things that have made you smile in the past and do them again.

Smiling instantly releases more endorphins in your brain. It lifts your mood and makes you feel a whole lot better about things – including yourself.

Our final tip on how to be more confident is to kick the negative thoughts in the trash literally.

Write down your negative thoughts on a piece of paper, before screwing it up and throwing it away.

It’s time to make your thoughts your friend. To help, why not read some self-help books and watch some motivational videos?