As manners, attitudes, and styles of dress change over time, so has the conventional understanding of what it means to be a “lady.”

Women will express ourselves and do strange and wonderful things because we can but there are however, certain aspects of ladylike behavior that are undying: elegance, courteousness and a sense of respect toward oneself and others.

On this episode of Pulse Daily, the discussion is up on 5 ways to be a true modern-day lady

Step 1

Make introductions.

It's all about the connects these days, we are constantly meeting people and making impressions. When you are talking to one person and another person approaches, introduce the person you were initially talking to the person who has just arrived.

[1] Remember in business that the client is always of the highest seniority, regardless of his or her title.

Add a thoughtful detail about the person you were talking to, that shows respect to that person and gives the conversation a boost.


Step 2

This may sound like your mum nagging but always ; Say "please" and "Thank you". Forgetting to say these things (even by accident) will not go unnoticed, and comes across as very rude. Rude behaviour will set u back is business and tarnish your brand.

Say thank you anytime someone does you a favour or hosts u in their home at their work space or at an event/function. Consider sending a “thank you”  text or email or note as it is always appreciated and remembered.

Don’t abuse the words “please” and “thank you.” Using them excessively will devoid them of their meaning, and make you appear weak. For example, if a waiter pulls your chair out for you, unfolds your napkin, and then pours you a glass of water, thank him after all is done.

Add details when thanking others. Rather than just saying “Thanks” to a friend for talking you through an issue, say “Thank you for being so understanding. It really means a lot to me.” This will come across as more sincere. A LADY IS SINCERE WITH GOOD MANNERS.

Step 3

Know when to say no.

Being polite doesn’t mean being passive and letting others take advantage of you. It is important to learn how to politely tell people no.

If somebody offers you something and you are not interested, then kindly thank the person and refuse. Giving in against your will sends the impression that you are easily impressionable.

Similarly, if a man is attempting to “pick you up” or is getting physically aggressive with you, then stand up for yourself and tell him to back off.


Step 4

Educate yourself.

A LADY IS ELOQUENT AND CAN CARRY CONVERSATION. She doesn't harbour ignorance. This requires being well-read and staying up-to-date on the current events of the world.

Thanks to the internet, most people have free access to an endless array of PULSE TV videos that keep them up to date and other articles on various topics at the touch of a button.

Step 5

Don't be excessive.

Avoid using excessive profanity, overeating or drink excessively. This will not make people respect or admire you.

Being a lady requires having self-control and will power, we all swear now n then n a couple of cocktails never hurts but KNOW UR LIMIT. Each of these activities is an example of overindulgence and NOT a good look. In business you need stability and you should always be your brand. A LADY HAS SELF CONTROL AND WILL POWER.