Did you know essential oil has the power to turn things upside down in the bedroom?

They fill the bedroom with a luxurious fragrance and certain types are believed to imbue it with romantic energy. 

Essential oils are also beneficial for many reasons including cooling oils help to calm the nervous system and clear a chaotic mind while warming oils can excite and open space for passion and communication. 

Scent, like sex, is sensual. It helps to ease the mind and body, making you more readily available to a physical experience. If you want to win extra points this weekend, get essential oils for your sexcapade.

  • Diffuse the situation

Always set the mood right before your partner arrives. Select a playlist of romantic songs, diffuse the room with an appealing and alluring scent and wear sexy apparel. 

With the push of a button, you can fill the room with an appealing and alluring scent. An essential oil diffuser can play an important role in making your sexy night in feel immersive and special, but be aware that some experts recommend shutting it off after about an hour to keep the smell from getting too heavy.

  • Offer a massage

A steamy massage is an excellent form of foreplay, especially for amateurs. Tease her as you smear essential oil on her beautiful body to heighten the steaminess. If your partner has had a long day, try a calming variety like lavender or one that's associated with love and care, like a rose. Or, if you have plans for a long night of fun, stick with vetiver. It's earthy enough to soothe your partner's mind and muscles, but sweet enough to make them think of activities other than sleep. Don't forget your carrier oil.

  • Get in the tub

A soak in the tub always feels incredible but the sensual thrills quadruple when you add a dash of oil and invites your partner for rub-a-dub action. This soapy sexcapde can be the ultimate foreplay as you head to the bed for the main act.