How many dates should you go before you move to the next level in your relationship? You should be able to determine if he is a keep on the first date if he possesses these qualities.

  • He listens to you

How do you know he was listening to what you are saying? If he launches into his own spiel that has nothing to do with what you just said. If he makes a great impact in your life on the first date to the extent of offering his expert advice or connecting you with influencers then he listens and cares about you. 

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A good boyfriend gives a listening ear to his significant other and tries to support emotionally, physically or financially.

  • He makes you laugh

When it comes to keeping you healthy, laughter is as important as a good diet and exercise. Making someone laugh isn't easy especially to a complete stranger you hope to have a relationship with. It takes constant practice and editing of scripts for comedians to receive a standing ovation after their performance. If he can make you laugh on a first date then he can surely keep you happy for life.

  • You feel comfortable 

First dates are always a nightmare. You plan weeks and days ahead of time but we always end up feeling awkward, insanely nervous and lack of confidence creeps in. It takes a great guy to calm your nerves and make you be yourself. This is a positive sign that he is a keeper and we can take a chance with him.

  • He says good things about other

Would you rather date a guy with negative vibes? If he genuinely complements others including his ex, then he is a keeper.