Valentine and its whole love season effect it comes with is here again and you might be worrying your head and perhaps thinking of breaking your bank account just to impress her.

Hold on to the lavish gifts and expensive vacations, dinners at plush hotels, you and your love can have the best Valentine's Day ever with these cheap and unique ideas. Here you'll find an amazing list of fun date night ideas that are free—or practically free—for you and your hubby to enjoy. brings you 5 cheap yet romantic Valentine's day ideas you will love.

1.Visit a cinema

Valentines day ideas

Interestingly, lots of romantic movies are released during this love season. Take advantage of it with your partner and score the moment with a drink and some pop corns as . The good thing is, you could enjoy all of this with your partner with just a hundred cedis or less.

2.Cook or bake together at home

Valentines day ideas

Who ever said you needed dollar bills to makes Vals day perfect at a lavish restaurant lied. Why not spend time to try these same Vals day recipes at home with your partner. Bake a cake, try a homemade chocolate recipe, create something tasty enough with your partner in the kitchen. Once it is done, serve yourselves beautifully at the dining table whiles you enjoy a great conversation.

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3.Take a romantic walk at the beach

Valentines day ideas

Sometimes the simple things we do when we are in love could be the most sophisticated in the heart. That is to say, your presence, your care and time devotion is what makes love totally adorable.

You two can find the most beautiful and scenic place in your area, and head there to take an afternoon hike or long stroll together and it might feel more exciting than a vacation at a plush hotel.

4.Dance the night away

Valentines day ideas

If you and your significant other are relatively good dancers, or if you simply enjoy moving your body to the rhythm of the music. Hit the club with your partner and dance the night away.

5.Dress for "success"

Valentines day ideas

Wear something new to bed. (No flannel, even if it’s a cold night). Make it very magical with a a hot lingerie and for a guy, a very classic tight boxer. You just might be the next parents in the making. lol!