5 dating rules for grown ups

How to meet someone special when your social life consists of boxsets and a cuppa, not bar crawling…


Dating after a certain age can feel too difficult to even be worth the bother, but if you follow these simple dating-as-an-adult rules you might actually enjoy it:

1. Refuse to be set up

Everyone from your colleagues to your best friend will probably have the 'perfect' person for you, but be sure to set the ground rules ahead of time. "Instead of arranging blind dates, ask friends to bring potential dates to the pub or the park. That way, you can get to know them in a more relaxed way," says psychologist Corinne Sweet.

2. Fly solo


If your job calls for you to attend an event alone, go for it. It might be nerve-wracking, but it could also be just what your love life needs. "Meeting new people could lead to something," says Corinne. "Have a conversation starter ready and listen more than your talk at first."

3. Take your time

So his hair is a little funny, or his dress sense isn't the best? Now's the time to open your mind a bit. "We all make snap judgements, but it takes time to learn what truly makes a person tick," says Corinne. "Join a group with a focus from boxing to films – to meet new people while also getting to know them in a rounded way."

4. Pick dating sites carefully

On many dating websites, users are all about racking up numbers. Look for a site that asks deeper questions (and take the time to answer them honestly and thoughtfully). This will improve your chances of finding someone you have a real connection with.


5. Get passionate

Go rock-climbing, guerilla gardening  anything you like! "Finding something you're passionate about makes you more interesting to potential partners, and you're in the perfect position to meet someone who shares your same passion," says Corinne.



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