5 ways you can enjoy period sex

One of the most conflicting topics of conversation between a couple is to have or not to have sex when you are on your period.

Increased libido

It works for a few, while some are not welcoming of the idea.

Having said that, making love during those days is medically completely normal and safe. It is also found that women experience heightened sensitivity and arousal when on their period. If you haven't tried it yet but are curious about it, you can give it a shot the next time.

You can always stop if you don't feel like continuing. No pressure there! Once you know how to enjoy sex during your period, there will be no limitations to your pleasure.

We bring you some tips to keep in mind for making it more enjoyable.

  • Steamy shower

Having sex during periods can get uncomfortable, especially for you. At such times, a steamy, hot shower can come to the rescue. Having sex in the shower washes down the blood and is known to increase the stimulation of your clitoris, resulting in a better orgasm.

  • Prepare your bed

If staining the bedsheet is a point of stress, eliminate it in advance! Before getting into the mood, make sure you use all the precautionary measures! Use dark-coloured sheets for a session uninterrupted by the thought of scrubbing after. It will also ease you up, heightening the mood of the partner.

  • Be straightforward in your communication

Period sex is not often talked about, and to some, it can mean an embarrassing conversation. Studies show that close to 55 per cent of adults prefer to engage in sexual activities during that time, the rest don't. Your partner and you should definitely understand and figure out what you think of it.

  • Create a romantic ambience

It is a little messy having period sex but embracing and accepting that things will get messy can make it more comfortable and unsurprising for both of you. Try using scented candles as it helps elevate the mood and creates a romantic ambience. To spice things up, increase your foreplay time to get comfortable enough to move forward. Later, you can try different gentle positions that can work out for both of you.

  • Prioritise protection before comfort

It doesn't matter if you're on your periods or not, using protection is mandatory. While it is still possible to get pregnant during your periods, use a condom. One is more vulnerable to STIs during periods so don't forget to use protective measures. Enjoying sex during periods should be your priority but paying for the pleasure later would not be so ideal for both of you.


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