The daughter-in-law and mother-in-law drama happen in many marriages. One might try to tolerate the other but as human, as we are, one day we things might fall apart. Love always find a way to connect themselves to promote harmony. Directly or indirectly, some daughter-in-law makes certain utterances such as the ones listed below which can widen the gap between herself and mother-in-law. Next time, consider a minute or two before responding to any comment by your mother-in-law.

We booked a hotel 

It’s always good to plan and prepare but once your in-laws accept your invitations to spend the holidays together, they would also accommodate you. How would you bond and have if you lodge in a hotel? 

I’ll handle it

Mothers-in-law have many experiences in different aspect of life from career to having kids and managing a home. And they love to share their opinions and offer help when necessary. If you genuinely don’t need their assistance, find a nice way of telling them.

Your son wants his things to be done this way

There is always a special bond between a mother and her son. She has been taking care of him since day one. She taught most of the beautiful things that caught your eyes. In a nutshell, she knows his son more than you do and for that matter, you can’t tell him how to handle his things. 

We are moving

There is no timeline for parenting. It is a lifetime role and with endless responsibilities. Parents know and understand that their kids have to move out after marriage. However, the newlyweds must communicate effectively not to make their parents feel insecure.

Come over anytime

Sometimes having your in-laws to help with the upbringing of the kids give the couple enough time to bond and have more sex. However, give them the right to walk in at any time can cause more harm than good. She might be authoritative and try to manage your marital home like hers.