7 mistakes most men make with women

In the age of swipes and screens, navigating relationships can feel like deciphering ancient scrolls.

Mistakes most men make with women

For a lot of the youth, especially Zen Zs, connecting with potential partners transcends traditional norms, embracing a mindful approach to dating.

Delving into the intricacies of modern romance, we explore seven common pitfalls encountered by men in their pursuit of meaningful connections with women.

From the allure of extravagant first dates to the delicate dance of communication, each misstep offers a lesson in the art of balance and presence.

Through the lens of Zen wisdom, we unravel these mistakes, offering insights into setting boundaries, embracing spontaneity, and fostering self-growth alongside relational harmony.


Let's delve into the Zen of dating wisdom for the Z generation especially;

1. Taking them on a fancy date on the first date: Instead of fancy dinners, opt for simple, authentic experiences like a stroll in the area or sharing Fan Ice or Fan Yogurt together. Keep it real and relaxed.

2. Not setting boundaries for her: Setting boundaries shows self-respect and respect for her. It's about creating a balanced space where both individuals feel comfortable and understood.

3. Fear to escalate: Fear holds you back. Instead, embrace the flow of the moment. Let things unfold naturally, without forcing or hesitating.

4. Revealing too much and too sudden: Allow your layers unfold gradually. Avoid overwhelming her with too much information too soon.


5. Asking her when can I see you again: Instead of asking, let spontaneity guide your interactions. Show interest, but let the connection deepen organically.

6. Focusing on her more than you focus on yourself : While it's important to appreciate her, remember to nurture your own growth and interests. A balanced self makes for a stronger connection.

7. Always contacting her first: Allow the rhythm of communication to flow naturally. Sometimes, let her take the lead in reaching out. It's a dance of mutual interest and respect.

In essence, embrace the Zen of dating by staying present, balanced, and open to the natural ebb and flow of connection.

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