9 surest signs your boss has a crush on you

What have you done for him to deserve a car? Ask yourself.

He ignores you completely

He stalks you on social media

Some employees of big companies and institutions always issue a disclaimer on social media stating that what they post on social media is their own opinions.

If your boss likes and comments on your every post, then he is definitely stalking you to get a better idea of who you are before he approaches you.

Pretty much everyone adds their crush on social media so they can keep up with their day-to-day lives as if they’re a part of it.

He makes eye contact

If there’s one thing that gives away the fact that he has a crush on you, it’s that he makes a lot of prolonged eye contact. When he does this, he’s trying to connect with you on a deeper level than other people.

He favors you

If he nominates you for promotions and other incentives knowing very well that you don’t deserve it, then it has another agenda. Yeah, sometimes it's that obvious.

He always wants you to travel with him

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Practically, when you travel together, you’ll rely on him for everything you need and he will take advantage to make glances at you.

After the business meetings, he will take out on a date, club and buy you expensive gift just to secure the next trip.

He asks you to buy personal stuff for him

He is always busy replying emails, attending a meeting, making plans for the company to achieve his targets. He can still find some spare time to stop by any supermarket to buy in bulk.

Any boss who asks his employee to buy very personal stuff like underwears and toiletries means there are feelings, untold feelings.

They give flimsy excuses that you are very classy and fashionable so use your own discretion.

He takes you to lunch every day

There is nothing like free lunch. A good boss is supposed to motivate all his employees to encourage them to work hard towards achieving their collective goal.

Don’t get too excited when he secretly buys lunch for you every day, you will surely pay in kind.

He drops you home every day

If you live in the same location or use the same commute it might make sense if he drops you home every day. Some bosses leave the office very early to attend the meeting and others leave very late after.

It is no coincidence if he takes you home every day, that means he is monitoring your every move in and out of the office.

He gives you monthly allowance

Your boss doesn’t run a non-profit organization to debit your account every month. This is just tactics to draw you closer to him for the next step of your relationship.

He pays for your rent

Companies give loans to their staff for such reasons; to pay rent, buy a car or pay for emergencies. If your boss renews your rent every year, then he will one day come for a sleepover because he is your co-tenant, obviously.

He buys you a car


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