Asking a girl to marry you is nerve-wracking, but asking her whole family even so.

This inspiring young man, Tyler Shelton, goes as far dedicating his wedding proposal to his girlfriend's late father, here is how they met.

Tyler met his girlfriend, Haylee Rose,  in middle school, and they have been together for almost seven years.

While others may eye him suspiciously because of his hairstyle, Haylee's family accepted Tyler wholeheartedly and made him like one of them.

Unfortunately, Greg Rose, Haylee's father died last year before Tyler could ask for his blessing so, he decided to dedicate the whole proposal to his deceased father-in-law.

Tyler explains his decision and the video saying:

"He was seriously like my second dad. Ever since day one, they've never treated me like I was some weird guy who's dating their daughter. They took me on family vacations and took care of me. was friends with everyone. He was the announcer at our high school football games. He was Mr. Social. Everybody loved him. I tried to do it in a way that was the least sad. I could have made a proposal video where it was like, 'Ah, cute clips of us, doing whatever.' That's fine and stuff. But it would have failed to acknowledge . The reason I wanted to make it was because I didn't want to just let it go unnoticed that we're going on without him. This is a big point in both of our lives and I didn't want to sweep that under the rug. I wanted to recognize that was a big part of our lives."

The location of the epic proposal was a cobblestone street in Rome, the date was their anniversary May 31.

Congrats to Tyler and Haylee, Greg would very proud of him.