Big or small; Ewes and Northerners are always good in bed - Actress claims

Ghanaian actress, Ama Serwaa has revealed that Ewe men and Northern men give good sex regardless of the size of their penis.

According to her, even those with smaller penis sizes still have their sex game on point.

The actress cum fashion designer made this revelation during an interview on Accra-based eTV Ghana. In discussion on the adult edutainment show ‘In Bed with Adwen’, was ‘whether the size of a man’s penis matters in determining how good he is in bed’.

“Ewe men and Northern men, whether they have a big penis or small, are good in bed. You can come across a very tall, muscular ewe man with a very small penis but when you have sex with him, you will be amazed," she said.

Adding that “It doesn’t matter the size. There are people with very huge penises but when they have sex with you, it doesn’t feel nice because they don’t know how to utilize it. There are also men with very small penises who know how to make you enjoy every bit of sex with them."

The actress further noted that a man’s penis whether big or small has nothing to do with his efficiency in bed.


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