Couples fall back in love with their partner after a romantic getaway - Study finds

Research by StudyFinds has shown that couples fall back in love with their partner after a romantic getaway

Couple on vacation

While 77% acknowledged that holidays are an ideal way to keep the spark alive in their relationships, 75% believed that holiday time with your loved one results in feelings of rejuvenation, and 79% agreed that travelling with someone special is a great way to strengthen bonds.

Whether it’s for your partner’s birthday celebration, your anniversary, or a spontaneous trip; booking a romantic getaway is always a good idea if you’re looking to reconnect with your partner.

“Many of us are so exhausted by the end of a long work week, that by the time the weekend arrives, we have very little energy left in our tanks. We tend to simply want to chill and catch our breath before Monday comes around again,’’ says Shaun Lamont, Managing Director, First Group Hotels and Resorts.

"That’s why it’s so important to intentionally, and regularly, make time for meaningful connections with your significant other. And Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to do just that,” Shaun Lamont added.


Here are four great reasons why you should book a getaway:

Allows you to reconnect

Spending time away from your regular surroundings and routine, without any distractions, makes connecting 1-on-1 is so much easier to do.

Ignites intimacy

There’s nothing like a getaway in gorgeous surroundings, indulging in shared activities that you both love but seldom have time for, and wining and dining or ordering room service to get you in the mood for romance.


Share new experiences and create memories

Creating magical new and lasting memories is what holidays are all about, and when it’s a romantic trip for two, the magic and intimacy shared will linger way after the getaway.

Strengthens your relationship

Even if just for a few days, spending alone time together, chatting, laughing and rediscovering the joy of each other’s company, makes for some epic bonding time.


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