10 cute things guys do when they love you

You can always tell when a guy really loves you, as soon as he assigns you a nickname.

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Guys are not always cute. Often, they’re lazy, awkward and annoying. When they’re not setting our kitchen on fire trying to make a piece of toast, they’re complaining that they got killed by a zombie because we walked past the TV.

And when they’re not doing that, they’re climbing into bed still wearing their smelly socks. Gross.

But guys can be sweet and charming, too. Sometimes, they can even be a bit cute especially when they dig you.

In celebration of the men we love, let’s take a look at 10 cute things guys do when they love you.


You don’t know how big a deal this is for guys. You don’t realise how hard it is for them to put a toilet seat down.

See, a guy doesn’t put a toilet seat down for just anybody. A person has to mean a LOT to him for him to put the toilet seat down. If a person is not special enough, that toilet seat is staying up. It’s just not worth the guys time or effort.

But once a guy really digs you, he likes to show his appreciation that you’re in his life by putting the toilet seat down. It’s such a romantic gesture!

– “You haven’t told me you love me for a long time!”


– “I put the toilet seat down last night. That should have told you everything, girl.”

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You can always tell when a guy really loves you, as soon as he assigns you a nickname. The name is properly something you don’t like, but at least it’s cute.

Popular names that guys like to come up with (most of which are truly dreadful but we feel bad for telling them):




Pickle (what?)

Ducky (again … what?)

Baby Girl





Guys like to make a big song and a dance about the fact that they have to get up early for work.


“I’m the breadwinner around here and I have to be up at 6am to go down those mines!”

Normally, he can’t be fussed with staying up late to keep texting someone. He passes out around 10 and resumes the conversation two years later.

But when he loves you, he makes the extra effort to stay up late with you, especially if you really need someone to talk to.

And he won’t complain once that he has to be up early for work. Aww.


Girls like to rant, especially after a bad day. But we don’t always feel that we can vent to our partners because it just looks as though they’re not listening. We can always tell that they’re thinking: “I wish she would stop talking, so that I can go and kill some zombies!”

But when a guy really loves you, he’s going to be so cute and cuddly (and probably even a bit dumb) that you could rant for hours and hours and he’d still sit there and listen.

Because he loves you!


Contrary to popular belief, guys don’t always like to show off their strength and flex their muscles. Instead of lugging boxes around the place, they’d much rather sit in front of the TV playing their video games.

But when he likes you, he’s ready to show off his superhuman feats of strength – even if it nearly kills him.

Whether he’s going to move boxes of lead for you or lift up your car to see what the problem is, he’ll do it.

And don’t expect him to complain when his back begins to snap because he’s a man who digs you and wants to be cute.

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Most of the time, a guy doesn’t care how he smells. He’s been playing football or working hard, and he’s proud of the smells his activities have created. They testify to his hard work.

But when he loves you, he’s going to be extra cute. He’s actually going to make the effort to smell nice every time you see him!

When a man really loves you, he’ll put in the effort to surprise you with gifts. Whether this breakfast in bed or a weekend getaway, there’ll be plenty of them now that he’s in love.


His surprises will often be ill-conceived and totally not what you like at all, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

And don’t say we didn’t warn you when he books a vacation for you both on the date of your best friend’s wedding. His intentions were good and cute. He just didn’t think things through properly.

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He’s trying to impress you and get you to fall in love with him. So he’s going to indulge in extreme behaviour, such as denying that hot girls exist.


You: Did you see that waitress? She was so hot.

Him: I thought she looked like a man.

You: Beyonce is such a babe.

Him: You’re a babe. Beyonce looks like a man.


Guys have a reputation to maintain among their friends. There are lots of rules – such as you’re not allowed to miss the Super Bowl or you can’t go to the pub and buy an orange juice.

But an easy way for a guy to destroy his credibility is by watching a sad movie on his own, such as The Notebook.

It’s just plain wrong.

If, however, he loves you, he’ll be willing to watch your favourite sad movies with you. He might even cry.


If you tell his friends, however, he will deny everything.

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A cardinal sin among guys is to put girls before sports. So if one weekend he misses a game for you, it’s him being super cute and lovely.

Don’t expect him to miss the Super Bowl or the ‘playoff’s’ though. Hey, he digs you but, come on.


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