6 common relationship problems and how to fix them

A lack of trust in every relationship is often caused by insecurity.

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Lack of communication

Many relationship problems occur due to lack of communication. Don’t assume that your partner knows everything that is worrying you. He or she might be genuinely unaware until you find the right time and speak to them.

Ask questions and take a time to listen to the answers, that’s the only way that you will be able to really understand each other and keep the relationship close.

Money problems

Some married couples hid their finances from their partners and that can make them lose trust in you. Be open and honest with each other, when it comes to money, and never try and hide a problem.

It’s always good for each partner to have a small degree of financial independence to take care of extended family needs, but you should never hide any major income or expenditure.

Lack of trust

Trust is an important aspect of a loving relationship, trusting their judgement, as well as trusting them to be faithful.

A lack of trust is often caused by insecurity, lies on your part, experience with exes and  rather than any tangible reasons and that can only be learned.

Be truthful and feel free to discuss anything with your partner to avoid losing them.

Not sharing the household chores

Some men still see household chores as being the job of the woman, but given that most women work today this is an absurd attitude to have.

Couple should communicate and share responsibilities to give the women some time to rest and have time to take care of themselves.


In a long term relationship, it is easy to become complacent and settle into a routine that becomes dull and boring. Communicate with your partner and plan a weekend getaways and spice up your relationship.

Search for new recipes and try new cuisine. If the sex is boring, learn more daring sex positions that are orgasm-guaranteed and win back your partner.

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