If you have an impending feeling that your relationship is on the docks, this is the correct time to start working on it.

The beginning of every year is when you make new resolution and what better than setting your relationship back on track. Here are ways you can do it:Figure out the problemOne of the first few ways you can start working on your relationship is by understanding the nature of the problem in your relationship. However, the two of you have to do this together.

Sit down together and articulate as to what is going wrong. It can be anything from not spending enough time together to fighting on a daily basis over trivial matters etc.

Related article:Meet oftenIf the problem concerning your relationship is lack of time, make a conscious effort to meet each other quite often this year. Instead of hanging out with common friends, go out on your own. Understand your partner's viewpointSure when we have problems, we only consider looking at things and addressing them from our point of view. However, it is equally important to understand what your partner feels or thinks.

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Companionship and love is all about holding hands and working towards everyday problems as a couple than doing it single-handedly. When you start understanding your partner, is when you start working towards building a happy relationship.Go out on a holiday togetherThough the holiday season is over, if the two of you haven't had the time to venture out anywhere during the past two weeks, take some time off.

A short holiday will ensure that both of you give time to address your relationship issues and can also take a break from work or family life.

Related article:Improve your communicationOther than ensuring that the two of you meet each other on a regular basis, it is also important to keep in touch over the phone or through SMS.

If both of you have tiring work hours, make it a point to talk for an hour or so before you retire for the night. Or if you are too tired to speak on the phone after you get back home from work, drop in a message asking him/her how his/her day was.Go for professional counsellingAt times you just do not know how to address your relationship woes and keep looking for answers. This is the time when you should consult a specialist so that your relationship goes strong and you find ways to understand and work on your relationship.

Going for a professional counselling together will help you understand each other well and solve problems together.

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