Dear men, 7 sexiest qualities you possess that attract women

Just because men are primarily visual creatures doesn’t mean that women don’t also appreciate an attractive man.

Dear men, 7 sexiest qualities you possess that attract women

However, it goes without saying that physical appearance isn’t necessarily something most of us place at the top of the list when it comes to important characteristics we’d like our future boyfriends to have (though it does help).

Instead, here are some of the sexiest qualities men can have that we lose our minds for. If only they realized!

  • Emotional intelligence

Is there anything hotter than a guy who’s in touch with his feelings, can voice them freely and without embarrassment, is free of commitment issues, and is good at picking up on your emotional cues and offering you the support and affection you need? Whew, that’s the dream.

  • Good financial sense

No one wants a deadbeat for a boyfriend. He doesn’t have to be Richie Rich to win your affections, of course. He just has to not be in thousands of dollars of debt from buying too many games for his PS5 or too much weed. He needs to be able to balance his bank account, pay the bills on time and in full, and generally manage his expenses so that he’s never left short. We all fall on hard times sometimes, but if this is a pattern for him, that’s a problem.

  • Ambition

One of the sexiest qualities men can possibly have is an ambition for sure. When he knows what he wants and has a concrete plan for going after it, that’s hot. Whether it’s a career goal or something he wants to achieve in his regular life like running a marathon or building his own house from scratch, a guy with goals is a guy worth having.

  • Willingness to commit

No one has time for guys who freak out the minute you start to get too close. Commitment-phobes are immature little boys that have no place in your life. A guy who’s not only willing to commit but actively seeking that level of closeness and seriousness in a relationship is a very attractive one for sure.

  • A killer sense of humour

This goes without saying. We all need to laugh sometimes, and men with a sense of humour are amazing because they keep us from taking ourselves too seriously and help us find the levity in the tougher times life throws at us. Without a doubt, this is one of the sexiest qualities men can display and is probably the first to win women over.

  • Solid communication skills

No one has time for ghosting, passive-aggressiveness, or one-word answers. What you want is a guy who can express his thoughts and feelings directly and will always tell you the truth even if it would be easier to lie to your face. It’s so refreshing to be able to have an adult conversation with a guy so that you can solve issues instead of keeping them going or brushing them under the carpet.

  • Respect for women

This goes without saying and a guy who doesn’t display this attribute isn’t even worthy of a date. He has to respect you as a woman and believe that you’re equal to him in every way. Without that, it’ll definitely never work.


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