5 crucial things you need the day before your wedding

Excitement, Planning and making sure your day turns out as perfect as you wish could take its turn on you negatively if you don’t make the best of out of the day.

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To make your entrance as bride to be as grand as possible the last 24 hours of your day before you say good bye to single life has to be totally serene.

Here are the few low key activities you can do few hours before you walk down the aisle

Fall off the social media radar: just for a day in order to be truly appreciate as a bride, don’t give them a pre-game show with constant status updates. You surely don’t want to miss the oohing and aahingas you walks down the aisle.


Get some quality rest: you don’t want to have puffy skin, bags under your eyes interfering with your wedding look, so set a bed time let other people know about it and stick to it.

Stick to water: don’t take alcohol and risk the tendency of hang over or worse, there will be plenty of time to celebrate.

Dot your I's and cross your T's: you can mentally dislodge a bit, have one final meeting with your wedding planner where you can put in you final request like what you will need, who to call for help, etc

Write a letter to your husband: just before you wind down for the night write how you feel about embarking on a new adventure together with your man and have someone deliver it to him before the ceremony.


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