Need an independent woman? Here are 6 qualities you must have to attract one

You need to understand that her independence doesn't make you lesser than she is

Complicated couple

An independent woman first loves doing her own thing, hence the name. When it comes to relationships, dating a woman who's independent is a different ball game.

Not many men can handle an independent woman , some feel overwhelmed by her qualities and may walk out at the end of the day.

But if you think you can handle an independent woman and are willing to have one in your life, here are some top qualities you must possess, according to Lifehack.

1. You shouldn't feel threatened : Some men feel intimidated and threatened by independent women. You need to understand that her independence doesn't make you lesser than she is.

2. You should know that her life goals are more than just settling down with a partner: She wants more in life and great ideas on how to achieve that feat would be welcomed from you.

3. You should be there in her time of need: Not like an overbearing father, but as a pillar to lean on, source of encouragement, listening ears and source of good advice.

4. Learn to give her personal space: Everyone loves to have a 'me' time. A private time for your woman would make her cherish the times you are together more. Pestering her with calls and messages in her alone time would drive you both apart with time.

5. You should know that your relationship isn't a show of power: There's no need to prove you wield power over her, she understands that. Your relationship should be more of a partnership than a power struggle.

6. Communication is key and king: Be an effective communicator, concentrate on the future and don't dwell on the past. This will help in understanding yourselves better.


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