Why you should make the first move on that guy you like

Fortune favours the brave... especially if it's a woman in love.

Study explains the advantage of asking out a guy first

We all know the relationship chain of events - boy likes girl, girl shows disinterest, but boy doesn't back down and continues earnestly in his pursuit till girl finally gives in and says yes to him.

This is 'love' as we know it, the modus operandi of dating and relationships until now.

These days women are being actively encouraged to go after guys they like, and more babes are beginning to fall in line with the idea that a man does not need to make the first move... a woman can do it and with the result of a recent study, it appears that doing this has a big advantage.

According to xoNecole, women are more likely to have a better relationship if they make the first move.

This is based on a study carried out by dating site OkCupid, the result of which reads "women who reach out first have a better chance of success [in resulting relationships].

“When women are proactive, there’s a big win,” says OKCupid's chief product officer, Jimena Almendares tells ABC News.

“This is data that is showing that if they actually speak up, they have so much to gain.”

The major success of the #ShootYourShot hashtag on Twitter shows that this opinion is not untrue.

With the prominence of the hashtag in the early part of 2016, female Twitter users were encouraged and emboldened to initiate private conversations [DMs] with guys and express romantic interest in them.

Most of the results were very favourable, with many leading to marriages and serious ongoing relationships as shown by another recent Twitter hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter.

So, there you have it, ladies, shake off your reluctance and fear; approach that guy - on social media or in real life - and declare your romantic interest in him.

It appears your chances of getting him are very high. And you know what they say, fortune favours the brave.


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