Guys! Here's a list of women not good for your peace of mind in 2019

You need someone in your space who carries light; not someone who is bitter and resentful towards people for no reason.

Want peace of mind? Avoid negative women! [Credit: Shutterstock]

All women are not bad, and the gloomy relationship stories you hear every time do not tell the complete story of how Nigerian women are, there are still good ones who want healthy relationships and are willing to make it happen with someone who is deserving.

On the flipside, there are those who may not be so good for your peace of mind. Those are the ones to avoid by all means this year.

Below we list some of the traits you will recognize these women by:

1. The entitled one

When you notice that she deals with privileges you give her like they are her rights, you may want to think twice about staying with that kind of woman. To better understand how entitlement works and why you need to stay away from women who exhibit this tendency, read this piece here.

2. Does not know how to keep private business private

Knowing where to draw the line when sharing either with friends or even online is a required trait these days. This is not a problem that plagues just women and it is just as bad in men as it is in women.

So generally when you notice a partner who takes sharing to a level of over-divulging private business and even things that should be kept secret, you may way want to take one or two steps back and reassess the situation with her, too.

3. Offers nothing but sex

Being with a woman who brings nothing but sex and orgasms to your relationship is not a good idea. She may be fascinating and fun to be with at first, but in the long run, you want someone better than that.

4. Negative energy

Bad energy does not stay hidden for too long. If she carries it, after a while you will see it and notice it. You need someone in your space who carries light and brightens every pocket of space she enters; not someone who is bitter and resentful towards people for no reason.

Of course, she may direct that energy at everyone but you. Eventually, things always turn. Protect your peace, stay away from people who will try to poison you against others for no reason – even if they are pretty and curvaceous .

5. Keeps you as a second choice

Although this might be a little difficult to ascertain as many women who feel the need to keep side guys usually know how to hide the fact very well.

But if you ever catch whiff of the possibility that you are being kept as second choice; that you are being benched or cookie-jarred, you should just stay away.

Protect your peace of mind, bruh. You deserve to be first choice!


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