A bride-to-be who suffered a terrible beating on the eve of her wedding has finally caught her attacker, six years after.

31-yr-old Said Perez was arrested by the Beaufort police and charged with burglary and assault after a DNA test proved him to be guilty of the terrible attack.

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Police say the 26-yr-old bride to be was attacked by a man she didn't know on the eve of her wedding, April 18, 2009 at about 2 a.m. inside the cottage where she was staying at the Beaufort Inn on Port Republic Street.

The assailant had reportedly entered the cottage through the back window.

The wedding was postponed because the victim was admitted in the hospital, her facial injuries were so bad, she had corrective surgery to repair some damaged features.

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The couple got married in the backyard of the home of the bride’s parents after she was released from the hospital.

DNA collected at the crime scene had identified the suspect after it was matched to a criminal database.

Perez is being held at in the Beaufort County Detention Center pending a bond hearing.