How it feels to discover that my babe has been cheating on me

10 heartbroken men explain what it feels like to be played by a woman.

Getting to know a babe has cheated on you could be the most demoralising thing ever.

Although you will hardly see men share stories on Facebook or post threads on Twitter, don't be deceived into thinking men don't get cheated on.

In fact, we published an article here, examining the possibility that maybe women are actually worse cheats than men could ever be.

So we're curious about how men react to heartbreaks, and how they feel when they find out that their wives or girlfriends have been playing them.

10 guys explain the feeling below:

"I cried because I was so hurt. I was younger then so it hurt so badly.

"I've been cheated on afterwards but I don't trust women anymore so it doesn't really disturb me now.

"These days, I just leave them without any word" - Jide, 32.

"Actually, I just laughed when I found out. But I immediately cut her off though.

"She got people to beg me and I accepted her back just because I was actually sleeping with other girls, too.

"Two can play this game right?" - Jonathan, 25.

"When I found out I was being cheated on, my brain scrambled at that very moment.

"As I thought about it later, the links and all the signs I ignored began to make sense to me..."

"She really played me well. She tried to come back though, I basically told her to f**k off!" - Tayo, 31.

"The worst case of as really painful, embarrassing and disappointing because of the way I found out.

"I had bought a ring to propose at her birthday party in 2008. While at the party, they asked her to dance with her boyfriend and it was a different guy she went to meet.

"Apparently, she had been playing me all along. I just left the party, disappointed.

"I never called her after that. She called me when her marriage crashed to the guy crashed after two years." - Jacob, 38.

"I cried when I found out my girlfriend was dating some other guy. And why I cried was because the guy was just so lesser than me.

"I broke up with her, of course." - Sam, 30.

"I was so hurt to find out because I loved her so, so much.

"I was willing to take her back, I even knelt down and begged her to come back even though she was the one that cheated. She still left me.

"I'm the one that breaks hearts now." - George, 24.

"I found out on Valentine's day, 2011. I was actually going to travel to meet her, but a miscommunication from her friend revealed the secret to me.

"She begged but I just couldn't take her back.

"I was hurt beyond words." - Kenny, 27.

"Her phone was with me when a message came in, and that was how I found out.

I didn't say nothing about it. I just broke up with her." - Michael, 28.

"I was drunk when I found out, so I was not very hurt at that very moment.

But afterwards, I just broke up with her." - Tolu, 28.

"I found out around 11pm and panicked. I really could not sleep.

I could not eat the next day. No other heartbreak has been as painful as that for me, ever.

Of course, I just took my L and moved on with my life" - Chinaza, 29.

Obviously, this is what most guys do - say nothing, ingest all the hurt and move on to the next relationship.

But is that the best reaction when one finds a partner cheating? Our article here explains better.


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