How to make love: 4 new sex ideas to add to your bucket list this year

Sex should be enjoyed by everyone involved.


Sex releases endorphins, your brain’s “feel-good” chemicals. Plus, the hormones released during sex may lower depression and anxiety levels and boost immunity.


Spicing up your sex life can improve your relationship with your partner and result in a host of health benefits.

One of the most enjoyable things about sex is the ability to experiment and try out new things with a partner. Whether you're trying a new position or bringing some toys into the bedroom, there are unlimited possibilities for you and your partner to enjoy and find new excitement in.

Making things more interesting in the bedroom doesn't have to be complicated. Try these simple tips to create more heat between the sheets this year:

  • Make a sex tape

Making a sex tape can be one of the fun things to add to your sex life this year.

Filming yourselves while you're getting down and dirty could be a lot of fun if you’re into it. Making the tape adds a layer of excitement during sex, and watching it after adds voyeuristic pleasure.

  • Roleplay

Roleplay is when you take on the persona of someone else while having sex.

It is a very popular form of sex play where the partners take on the fictional role of a person and create a situation where they start as strangers but eventually end up having sex. This brings a lot of spontaneity, excitement and fun into sex, especially when it tends to get boring.

Using roleplay can help you and your partner rediscover the intrigue of your early days together and inject fun back into a sex life that might have begun to feel a little routine.

Role-play is also a chance to step outside of the everyday rules you usually live your life by.

  • Try a new position

If you want to be truly daring, trying out sex positions that involve a little bit of stretching beforehand might be something to add to the list. While challenging, mastering a complicated or new position with your partner can offer a new angle of stimulation, deeper penetration, or simply just new sensations overall. And when you two finally get it down, maybe you’ll even add it to your list of favourite positions.

  • Mastering how to achieve orgasm

The orgasm gap is real. Statistically, women climax far less than men.

Given that, you can make it a goal to take the time to experiment with sex positions that will get you or your partner there every time. However, trying new positions might not even be the best route for this bucket list item.


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