Newly wed Hollywood actor, Justin Theroux has admitted that planning a top secret wedding with Jennifer Aniston, wasn't as fun as it sounded.

Aniston and Theroux managed to dodge the media by making their guests believe they were attending a birthday party when the pair were actually going to hold their wedding in the house.

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The couple had their wedding ceremony on Wednesday, August 5th after a three-year long engagement.

The 44-yr-old actor had spoken to New York Daily News , revealing that his to the 46-yr-old actress wedding was actually stressful.

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Justin said he felt better after they came clean with the invited guests, revealing it wasn't his 44th birthday party but a wedding.

“I noticed it almost immediately,”

“It was like your blood pressure goes down two PSI. It’s not like life is completely different. It’s a beautiful thing,” he told NY Daily News.