Lifes way too short to waste time on things youd rather say “no” to. Age 30 is the year you unofficially evade adulthood and thoughts turn to planning families and buying your first car and home.

Life gets more complicated when you’re older. People pair off, and it becomes more difficult to make plans. You become more committed to your job and have less free time.

And your body physically ages not to mention your memory begins to decline before age 30—so there’s that. brings you 10 things have to attack before you turn 30.

1. Attend college

Before you turn 30, it very pertinent to go through tertiary with at least a Degree in whatever field you desire.

College provides priceless experiences like meeting new friends, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning skills that will help land a sweet job. And, most employers will require this. Graduating will also give you a leg up on other people applying for a job vacancy.

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2.Familiarize yourself with a foreign language

If others can do it, you certainly can.

You don’t have to become extremely fluent in another language, though this would be the best option. At least you should become somehow acquainted with a foreign language. After all, this helps you learn about new cultures, exposes you to new people and helps you become more open-minded.

3.Begin a career you are passionate about

It is advisable to start establishing your own business or something you have been passionate about before or by 30.

Your work takes up your most of your time so it needs to bring you great happiness and satisfaction. If you’re already bored or unenthusiastic in your work, jump ship now before you’re tied to a career you hate.

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4. Travelling abroad "experience"

Nothing beats having a traveling experience outside your country to another country to expand your mind and your life. It teaches us that each country has its own way; it’s like starting over.

It can be scary at times but you learn so much from it. Being all alone or with just one or two people you know in a country and having to make new friends and find work really teaches us so much about ourselves too. It makes us appreciate things in our own cities or countries but also embrace new ways.

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5.Have a love-life

When do you expect to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right? Best of all, you meet interesting people as well as enjoy the process of the dating scene before you do settle down.

Stop worrying about having an awful boring night. Learn to enjoy whatever happens and have fun with it. So what if lightening doesn't strike? Learn how to date well.