2. Too much saliva. Definitely try to control your saliva so it does not become a river. No one wants to drown in your spit, swallow your saliva, don’t transfer a bottle full of spit into your partner’s mouth.

3. Passion is good. Tight hard kisses are hot but don’t crush the lips. Pressure can be a great thing but ease up a little bit, especially if your partner is leaning away a bit, you might be grinding their lips. So much pain, so little pleasure, not worth it.

4. Too Much Tongue. Don’t charge with your tongue sticking out. Start softly, and go slowly massaging her lips between yours. Too much tongue is the number one component of a bad kiss. By all means don’t shove your tongue down her throat.

5. No breathing space. No matter how hot a kiss is and how much she clearly is enjoying your moves. She needs to get some oxygen. Give her breathing space, try kissing her neck.

6. Hard Lips. Please moisturize your lips even if it means a quick lick before a kiss. Invest in a good lip balm so that your lips are soft and certainly not chapped.

7. One Man Show. Men often think they need to do all the work. No, you don't. Let her kiss you too. Pay attention to how she kissing you and where she kissing you, it is most likely that is how she wants to be kissed.

8. Not Enough Kissing. Don’t kiss like you are in a hurry to get it out of the way. Don’t abruptly stop kissing to pull out your, you know what. Unless she explicitly tells you she wants that. Move slowly and observe your partner, you will know when she’s had enough kissing and wants something else.

9. Switch things up. Yes, the lips are a great place to start but don’t neglect her other body parts: neck, the ears, the cheeks, the nose, really every part of the human body is kissable.

Kiss her in other places besides her lips, suck, massage and nibble. And don’t forget to alternate between her bottom lip and her upper lip.

10. Don’t go biting everywhere. If you don't know for a fact that she likes hard biting, be gentle. At some point, try gentle bites and observe her reaction. If she leans ways, stop. If she is not making any approving sounds, I suggest you stop. Some people like hard biting others don't, so before you sink your teeth into their lips like you're eating kebab, make sure she likes it.

11. Change your head position. Don’t focus on one side of her face. Every once in a while, make sure to change your head position so that it's tilted to the other side.

By Dormaa Yeboah