They respect your privacy- They let you have a bath without coming in to use the facilities and don't come in and brush their teeth when you're peeing.

They listen to you- When you talk- they actually process what you're saying without imagining you naked.

They look after you when you're sick- Even when you're projectile vomiting or have a crusty nose- they still rub your back and bring you water and tissues.

They let your friends hang out at your house- If you want a girly night- they will happily vacate the premises or take a pizza and a DVD upstairs and stay out of your way.

They drive you around-If you need a lift to the doctors or back from a heavy night out- they'll do it for you- to make sure you're safe and well.

They're ok about sleepovers- If your friend needs a place to crash, they're fine with them taking the spare room because they know you would do the same for their friends.

They don't go through your phone- They trust you enough not to go snooping to create drama in your relationship.

They help you with your work- If you need to run through the presentation or need a second pair of eyes to look over a CV or a document- they will.

They don't tell you what to wear- If you want to rock on up to pick them up in your pjs- they are cool with that.

They take you out for dinner- You come in from a really crap day at work and they say- let's go out for a Nandos!

They like your group of friends- Yes they are quirky, but they totally get why you're mates with them.

They let you learn by your mistakes- They don't tell you what to do and what not to do- but are there to help you pick up the pieces afterwards.

They don't smoke- Because they care about your health and theirs.

They always support you in friendship dramas- If you friend is the in the wrong- they will tell them and publicly defend you.

They are interested in your social life- When they ask you if you've had a good night- they genuinely want to know and isn't going through the motions.

They cook the perfect roast potatoes- Their Sunday roasts are the ONLY thing that make the end of the weekend more bearable.

They hold your hand in public- He's not above a smooch either.

They tell funny stories to your friends- They genuinely enjoy his company which makes social gatherings a breeze.

They look good in jeans- He doesn't have to make a lot of effort to look good- him in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt still turns you on, you're not going to lie.

They take you to gigs- Because you need your six monthly fix of comedy to get you through.

They have a text lingo with you- An emoji, a word, a link or a quote and they know exactly what you mean.

They let you borrow their toiletries- When you forget your shaving stuff, they let you use theirs.

They have in-jokes with you- You know after a bad week/day a few choice words will have them laughing again.

They watch Netflix with you- When you have no money and nowhere to go you love to snuggle up on the couch and watch trash TV together.

They have a good hairstyle- It's low maintenance but he always looks handsome.

They are your friend on Facebook- And openly shares stuff with you to show how cute you are together.

They drive quickly but safely- You have a habit of setting off late but always make up time in the car.

They knows which bands are in the download charts-So you can sing along (badly) in the car together.

They address your friends by their nicknames- They treat your friends like their own.

They take you to the theatre- They always have great date night ideas to keep your relationship fresh.

They puts kisses on texts- If they can't do it in person- this is the next best thing.

They use emojis in texts- They know it will put a smile on your face.