5 easy tips to better sex

Even if you’re just having dinner or going on a long drive, you’ll be amazed how much your relationship benefits simply from the added one-on-one communication time it brings.


Bad sex can happen to some good people too. Follow these simple tips to avoid any sexual snafus.

Irrespective of how long you have together, it is easy to fall into a rut. Incorporate some date nights in your relationship and spice up things between you.

Select one night every two weeks as a couple and spend it outside the house. Explore and bring back the romance from when you first got together.


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Stop spending quality time with your technological mistress especially when you are home with your partner. Spend at least one hour a night unplugged and away from social media, cell phones and everything else with an on/off swift.

Discuss matters concerning your relationship and pour yourselves a few drinks, play some love-themed indoor games.

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If the only thing you see in your girl is negative, most experts agree that your relationship is doomed. Try to rediscover what brought you together in the first place. Studies show that couples who last are those who are the most upbeat and say more positive comments to each other on a daily basis. One easy way to get started: Think of one quirky thing she does that you love, and tell her about it.

Let your partner how you value them regardless of who they are. Love is wonder feeling and it shows inside out when you share with others.

Celebrate her joyous moments with her as well as be a solid rock behind her when things fall apart. Help her with house chores that traditionally fall into her domain and she will thank you always.


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Why do couples reserve hot steamy sex for special occasions? Why wait for anniversaries, birthdays and date nights to get busy with your partner?

The anticipation, wait, preparation and desire to impress one another puts way too much pressure on the event, taking out the fun and adventure.

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There are everyday moments in our lives that call for jubilation among loved ones; but don’t forget to save the best for last in the bedroom.


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