If you're struggling to think of things you can do to bring your partner some joy today, we have a few suggestions.

Pay them a compliment- Tell them they look good in their outfit of choice, that you like the way they have done their hair today, or how beautiful their eyes are. Whatever attracted them to you in the first place- focus on that.

Give them a really good kiss- There are kisses hello and goodbye and there are KISSES. When you get home, look into their eyes to let them know you don't just want a peck on the lips. Pull them in close and kiss them like you would during a passionate lovemaking session. You might have to change your Friday night plans to having a night in!

Cook them a meal- Everyone has a favourite meal so get in the ingredients and find your way to their heart through their belly.

Get them a small gift- Their favourite chocolate bar, a magazine, a wallet sized card with loving words on it, a scrap book to put all your memories in. It doesn't have to cost the earth but you know it will mean the world to them.

Do something you know will make them happy- A massage, a back scratch, a foot rub, running them a bath- something- anything that will give them a little perk.

Take an errand or job off their hands- If they always do something around the house, do it for them instead to take the burden off them. Or if they have an overdue errand, go and do it for them so they can tick it off their list.

Tell them why they make such a great partner- Without reassurance, sometimes partners can feel uncertain whether or not they are doing a good job- so tell them. Make sure they know all the things they do for you that make them such a great companion.

Talk them up- If you plan to spend time in the company of others tonight, drop into conversation how wonderful you think they are and make sure they are around to hear it.

Source: Femalefirst.com