Dear side chicks...these are 4 reasons your man will never leave his wife

Your man has other commitments and you are 'the other woman'.

Being the girlfriend on the side doesn't have it's perks. You'll end up being heartbroken because only a few men will leave their wives for the mistress.

Firstly, your man has other commitments and you are 'the other woman'. It's advisable never to put your hopes and expectations on him, unless you think your relationship will end well.

Inspired by YourTango, here are reasons a man will choose to stay with his wife:


1. They have children. Your man feels responsible for the children he has with his wife. Raising kids is a lifetime commitment. He feels grateful that his wife painfully carried his babies and laboured to deliver them. Only a few fathers will break the bond they have with these children over another woman.

2. Though his wife has put on extra weight over the years, he still sees her as the same beautiful women he met years ago. He might want to sleep with a younger body, which is how you came into the picture, but your man is more attracted to his wife's soul and can separate sex from true feelings.

3. His wife may not understand his needs but he doesn't really care. Your man just uses you to pass little time away from home, but will never leave home.

4. Though his wife nags him all the time... guess what? He's used to it. And he probably believes that if he marries you, you'll nag him as much as she does.


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