While we all know what it takes to make that relationship with your in laws work, there are some things that are a complete no no.

These are the four things you should never tell your mother in law.You know her son better

This is the worst thing to tell her since she is your husband's mother and she would claim that no one on earth knows him better than her.

This will simply create a big fight on how you are trying to replace her and brainwashing her son to listen to you and not her.

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She don't interfere in your marriage

Take her suggestions but don't implement them, but never ever tell her that she shouldn't interfere in your marriage. She's a parent and would always think good for your and her son.

You might not second her opinion at times, but it's all up to you to agree with her or do your own. But never tell her not to advise or suggest anything, this would be hurtful.

You mom is a better cook

Aah, well, absolutely! You mom could be the best cook in the world, and mother in law can never beat her at it. But taking her about your feelings refill only make situations worse.

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You can always savour your mom's food whether you wish, and let her feed your husband. Say you're fasting or dieting whenever she cooks, but never compare her with your mom.

You don't like her gift

That's touchy! Never ever tell her that the gift she chose and brought with so much effort did not find your taste.

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Simply accept it, it not necessary to use it. Merely by accepting it you are not just making her happy but also making an impression of being the best daughter in law.