Your first year as a married couple is certainly worth celebrating in style. This is the perfect chance to appreciate your partner for their love, assistance and compassion for 365 days of wedding bliss. Reminisce on this day and remember all those little details that made it such a special occasion.

Below are first unique ways to celebrate your first wedding anniversary:

There is nothing more romantic than treating your beloved to breakfast in bed. Take time to make their favourite dish and serve it in bed with a fresh flower and caring anniversary card.

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A second little honeymoon is a great way to reconnect as a couple. Go somewhere new and explore it together, or revisit an old favourite and take time to just be together. Many couples return to their honeymoon destination to remember the magic.

Think of relaxing in-home massage treatment, sexy lingerie, candles, music and more. Order food and drinks from your favorite fancy restaurant and pop in your wedding DVD for some added nostalgia.

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Do something unexpected. Surprise your spouse with something truly wild that you will remember forever. Para gliding, climb mountain,  practise yoga on the mountain, luxury car test drive and get your adrenalin pumping and your hearts going.

Celebrate your love with a new jewel, perhaps something different like a bracelet, necklace to make the day special and memorable.

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Make reservations at nearby resort, restaurant or church and renews your vows witnessed by close friends and relatives. A small ceremony where you can reaffirm you love and restate your commitment to one another would be a lovely way to celebrate your nuptials.

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Have fun shopping for outfits together, or surprise each other separately. There's something so special and fun about getting dressed up for an occasion dedicated to celebrating you.