5 ways to apologise to your wife after cheating

Avoid the use of the word but in your apology.

There is no such thing as perfect relationship or perfect couple. We all make blunders but to err is human. Realising your mistake and apologizing to your spouse will make a difference in the world.

But many of us find apologizing to your loved one is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

They think saying "I'm sorry" makes us feel vulnerable but that is the only way to strengthen your relationship.

  • Go for a baecation

Give her another reason to trust you after cheating on her. Spend time together outside in beach resort or another country if you have the means. Go on a proper date and make new memories together. It might take a while before she accepts your apology but don't give up.

  • Buy her the latest smartphone or car

Say the actual words "I'm so sorry" and then add exactly what you are sorry for. Let your spouse know that you're aware of the actions and words that caused the hurt. The phone or car can help repair the damage that was done.

  • Organise a surprise party

If you’ve good relationship with your wife’s family especially her mother and sisters, confess your sins and ask for their help to make it up to her.

Organise a family party and apologize to her and repair the damage.

  • Buy her beauty products

No Ghanaian women will reject bundles of virgin hair; Brazilian or Mongolian.

Attach and note to the product expressing how you feel about what happened and deliver it to her at her office or home.

  • Give her multiple orgasms

First and foremost, check your HIV status before having sexual intercourse with your wife. Eat well and incorporating sex -driven food in your diet before the big night. Make-up sex can reduce the tense in the house and put smiles on her face.


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