While passion and romance are fine in a relationship, every couple should also strive to keep the friendship alive. It is extremely important to be adventurous as routine and monotony are sure to kill the best of relationship. These adventures need not always be about sex or intimacy to help a relationship grow -it is about the off-beat things that every couple should do to make their relationship more fun. Here are some sure shot ways that that make `being a couple' more fun ...Hang out with friends togetherEveryone has their set of friends and we all like to hang out with them. But the ideal thing for any couple is to have a lot of common friends. This makes hanging out even more fun. Meeting friends together and spending time with them can be exciting once in a while.

It not only helps break routine, but also brings in some good cheer and enriches your lives. After all, being with friends and their stories will help you understand various aspects of your relationship and helps you enhance your bond.Compete with each other on a playful noteHealthy competition keeps you alert and also enhances your self confidence. Try to compete with each other at doing simple things just for fun; it need not have any professional or social bearing.

Things like who climbs the stairs fast to open the door while on your way home or who makes the fastest mojito at the house party -these fun things not only keeps the sportsmanship alive in you, but also helps you understand each other as friends and individuals.Embark on an adventurous trip togetherRelaxing on a virgin beach in each others' arms sounds like the most romantic vacation for a couple. However, there are some who believe in living life on a carefree note -and these couples often opt for adventure travels than cozy beach holidays.

Packing each other's haversacks with the necessary travel gears and holding each other's hands while trekking and discovering new destinations and routes is much more exciting than a leisure trip.

The hardships and the experience you gain while you go an adventure trip actually help to strengthen your bonds as c partners.Kitchen capers Not all couples do this, but those who do are truly awesome in their own way . Just imagine a lazy Sunday morning with both you and your partner rustling up a scrumptious breakfast that you can enjoy over long chats. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

Cooking together is an extremely fun exercise -especially since one partner is not burdened with the entire responsibility and secondly , because, it's always great to have another person giving that special touch to every dish you make.

In fact, kitchen is one place where couples tend to talk a lot, since even small things like which spice to add to the dish, usually turns into a full-fledged discussion.Take on a new activity togetherOne of the best ways to bring the old camaraderie in a relationship, is to learn something together. Be it a new language, a dance form, gardening or kickboxing -learning anything together makes coupling even more fun.

In fact, it not only helps you enhance your knowledge, but also distracts you from other responsibilities, even it is for a few hours. Moreover, one should be a learner throughout life, as learning new things broadens perspective and betters you as a person, which in turn helps you strengthen your friendship.Reading books togetherHaving a library at home is something that most young and well-read couples desire these days. However, with microhousing being a norm in the city , it is next to impossible to indulge in such luxuries in pocket-sized apartments. However, every home does have a makeshift bookshelf with some of their best collections.

A cup of steamy coffee, reading glasses and a cozy lounge chair is all you need for that ideal evening date with your favorite book. Reading together can be one of the most romantically exciting activities that a couple can indulge in.Do a role reversalAs they say, variety is the spice of life, so is the case with relationships. One must always keep doing small interesting changes in the relationship so it's always vibrant. Frequent changes help to keep boredom at bay and keeps your relationship alive and exciting.

Hence, exchanging roles from time to time is very important -for instance, try to take over each other's responsibilities to make life simpler. Only if you share roles will you understand the difficulty they were facing while doing it. It helps also lighten the burden when you share responsibilities.

Source: indiatimes.com