5 rules to follow when dating your friend’s ex

Dating your friend's ex comes with its own unwritten set of rules.

Can you imagine trying to vent about to your friend about your man/woman who happens to be your friend’s ex? – phew.

Anyway, not to judge anyone that chooses to go down that route but if you are thinking of going down that route or are already there and things are fresh, there are certain undeniable rules that you may have to follow.

1.Your friend must know that you are pursuing their ex

If you’re planning to “see where things are going” with your friend’s ex, the least you can do is let them know in advance about what is happening. There’s no guarantee as to how they’ll take it but at least you were honest with them.


Steer clear of venting about your new partner to their ex who also happens to be your friend. This is more of a cautionary measure.


Always keep in mind that you are dating your friend’s ex and like most break ups, they wouldn’t want to constantly be around each other.

Maintain a healthy boundary between the two of them.

4.Avoid asking about their relationship

It is completely normal to be curious about your friend and your current man’s previous relationship. Just be prepared for what will come out of their mouths about the relationship – besides what you know of course.

Your safest bet is to just stay away from bringing up the topic in the first place. It will save you a lot of issues and keep you from looking at your friend or partner differently.

5.Never compare

Whatever your reasons may be for asking their relationship, try and not compare your relationship to theirs when you receive the information.

If you were to ask us, it would be best to just stay away from dating your friend’s ex. It will save you a lot of trouble and future issues.

Source: Cosmopolitan


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