17 things couples do on Valentine's Day

Why over complicate it with flowers, chocolates and cards? Simply do what nature intended and have some romantic time together

Couple celebrating Valentine's Day

Just have sex- Why over complicate it with flowers, chocolates and cards? Simply do what nature intended and drop your pants.

A romantic adventure like ice-skating or rock climbing- Because you feel like you should do something more than just go the cinema, have sex and watch TV together.

Write a song for your other half- He sings the Blood Hound Gang's line 'do it like they do on the Discovery Channel' to get you in the mood.

Buy tickets to his favourite sport, event or game- A gift that means you can tag along- always a bonus- as long as you pick something you like too.


Celebrate on a different day- Why give into media pressure?! Be rebellious and do it on another day.

Give an alternative bouquet- Like a bouquet of sweets- they are far better than flowers. Hint, hint.

Throw an 'Alone Day' party- Lock the doors, turn off your phones and don't answer the front door- today is about the two of you and whatever it is you want to get up to in the confines of your house. Just warn people first so you don't get any unsuspecting visitors.

Adopt an animal- Because you couldn't have another living being in your house- you can barely look after yourselves and each other.

Making cocktails- You still have leftover alcohol from Christmas it would be a shame to let it go to waste.


Re-enact your first date- Without the nerves but with just as much booze and sex.

Making a DIY gift for your other half- You fart and pull the covers over his head.

Spicing things up with an unexpected aphrodisiac- By not wearing your granny pants. *wow*

Get matching tattoos- Just not each other's name- what if you break up? *awkward*

Visit a burlesque show for the both of you- So you can do a really bad impression when you get home then go back to your usual sex moves when it fails miserably.


Volunteer to help those needing some love over Valentine's- Like your mums because your Dads forgot what day it was.

A romantic postage note rampage- Especially if your partner has mild OCD because they will want to go around the house and take them all down.



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