Valentines day is sneaking up on all of us quickly. It feels like we just finished spending a ton of money on the December holidays, and before you know it, the pressure of doing something outrageously memorable on Cupids holiday is stressing you out. Dont let that happen.

First of all, it's important to realize that every single day is Valentine's Day when you're happily married. It's about being together every day, and knowing that the person you love most in the world will always be there for you, every day, for the rest of your life.

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This year, Valentine's Day falls on a weekend, upping the ante significantly because many couples feel like they're supposed to go away someplace romantic and fabulous to make a new memory.

Sure, a cozy bed and breakfast someplace would be lovely after spending the day on fluffy ski slopes. Even better, a tropical beach someplace where nobody is wearing winter coats. But is that really necessary for a special Valentine's Day?

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With a little imagination, you and your love can have a very special getaway, alone together, without ever leaving your house. In fact, if you live someplace where it's nippy right now, the goal of the romantic weekend might be to never set foot outside your front door, except to the walk the dog.

Here's how to prepare for your romantic weekend in advance.

Stock up on all of your favorite movies.And by "your favorite," I mean movies you both enjoy. Make up a list of movies that you remember watching together and enjoying. If you remember the first movie you ever watched as a couple, that's a great place to start.

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Plan out your weekend menus and shop ahead of time.Including a trip to the liquor store for a special wine, or a visit to the bakery that made your wedding cake for something sweet that evokes happy memories.

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Create a music playlist for the weekend with all of the music that you both love.Include the songs that were on your wedding ceremony and reception playlists, and songs that make you think of the person you love.

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When you want to dance, let the moment inspire you! Grab your husband or wife by the hand, and pull them onto the living room dance floor with you. You can do as much kissing as you like without violating any societal rules when the only audience is your cat. Caution: Dancing often leads to a horizontal mambo!