No more white weddings!

A new research has found that the white church wedding has almost died out.

Naeto C's church wedding

There is a new research that shows that white weddings are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

According to the research, this decline in traditional church wedding is linked to the rise in cohabitation, the decline in allegiance to churches, and the popularity of weddings staged in stately homes or football grounds.

John Haskey, who compiled the study, says that the decline in church weddings started in the 1970s, since when there have been ‘large changes in sexual and partnership behaviour’, with rates of divorce, cohabitation, pre-marital cohabitation and births outside marriage all rising considerably.

Another result of the decline in church weddings and marriages has led to more women living alone.

The study says, ‘the proportion of women living in a couple has been declining gently, which is consistent with the growth of the proportion of women who are single."

This decline in church/white weddings can also be seen in Nigeria as people, these days, just do their traditional wedding, then court wedding.

This can also be attributed to the increase in cohabitation, and the 'baby mama' syndrome.

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