Truth is, Ghanaians with time have learnt to accept and patronize their very own fashion and style inspired by the Ghanaian culture.  People are seen in beautiful African prints to events, offices and so on but that is mostly not the case with brides.

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When it comes to the big day; wedding ceremonies, brides are seen cladded in the internationally renowned gowns like the Versace’s, Celestina Agostino’s and Christian Dior. We seem to have a less belief in bridal gowns by Ghanaian designers due to the complex nature of wedding apparel. brings you these Ghana made wedding gowns that will blow your mind. They are as good as these western brands if not better. Restore your  faith in our very own with these beautiful gowns.

1. Sima Brew did justiceto Bella Mundi's bridaloutfit

2. Pistisdazzles in a weddinggownbyShebybena

3. Etherealdesignfromrenowneddesigner, Pistis.

4. Designer extraordinaire, QuophiAkotua brings fairytalesintoreality.

5. Sima Brewstunns in her owngown.

6. White weddingsalwaysgetsbetterwithQuophiAkotua.

7. Look like thequeenyouarewith Sima Brew's bridalcollections.

8. AnotherexquisitedesigncomingfromQuophi Akotua