From morning sickness to relationship paranoia, what to expect when you’re expecting

Struggling to get out of bed for fear of toppling over is only the beginning in the efforts the pregnant woman will go through each day. There’s also the cramps, vomiting and weird cravings. Our pregnant writer gives the lowdown on her own experiences.

The joy of motherhood drives same sex couples to adopt day old babies due to the significant roles children play in our lives.

No doubt the world pays much reverence to women during mother’s day celebration.

The decision to get pregnant and the resilience to survive the nine months period are very parallel, they involve intuition, constant attention and constant communication with midwives as the time elapses.

The pregnant woman is no longer caring and feeding for her only but sometimes twins and most rarely triplets. In some rural communities, women are cast adrift for bringing forth twins which is considered an abomination.

Conception is not a nine day wonder. Before a woman begins to show signs of morning sickness, so much effort and underlying preparation might have taken place.

The timing, medications, abstinence from certain lifestyles and fervent prayers are worth recommending.

We all know the early signs of pregnancy but lack the experience. It’s very epic, waking up and realizing you can’t jump out of bed like every other woman who is late for work, you have to sit up from your left, carefully place your feet on the floor before your hold the bed tactically to support you.

Have you wondered why pregnant women walk slowly? Sometimes it feels like you’re plummeting from a cliff, without any hope of survival especially in the morning after sitting in the long traffic for hours.

Autocratically, your unborn determines what you should eat, when to eat and the pace at which you should eat. Constant nibbling on snacks, weird cravings and it sounds disgusting but the unwelcoming and impromptu throwing up.

It’s an undeniable fact, there comes a time that you are not attracted to your own body, coupled with people’s perceptions and thoughts about your figure. Excessive training can harm your unborn child, the medical professionals advise. You rely on daily walking and fruits to keep in your shape.

At a point, unearthly questions pop up; is my husband cheating on me with a size 8 university girl? These men are unconsciously dragged to church to remind them of the ‘till death do us part’ chain hanging around their neck.

Some expectant mothers explore and get a breakthrough in their fashion sense while others are glued to the old fashioned dress down maternity style. Nevertheless, finding an appropriate dress to wear is as tedious as a blacksmith forging a knife. You need to employ someone to assist you to remove the dress when it's stuck on the bust level.

Never rejoice that you’re dodging menstrual cramps and buying of sanitary pads. Cauterising, best explains the feeling; expect momentarily nail-biting pain or cramps until your safe delivery.

At some time, you can’t be sexually dominant. The love making is mathematically easy, one plus one equals…. No sweat, no acrobatics.

Flipping the coin, pregnancy brings out your inner beauty and flawless skin. Persistent communication and visits from family and friends rejuvenate your spirit, an assurance that they share in your pain and glory.

Some religious bodies go the extra mile to allotted specific period to pray for pregnant women seeking his divine protection and mercies.

The public are embracing the need why pregnant women should be prioritised in all circumstances. Gone were the days when pregnant women joined queues to board buses or buy food. These days, drivers without any hesitation stop for pregnant women to cross the road.

No pain, no gain indeed. As the cliché goes,’ water your plants’ for good harvest.  The sex can be boring, loss of appetite cuts in, sleepless night and all the luggage of unwanted insecurities makes pregnancy a dramatic avalanche  to procreate again.


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