1. Cowgirl with a forward bend

Straddle your partner with your knees on the bed, and instead of bouncing up and down, lean forward and grind your hips back and forth. This not only allows you to kiss but also opens up access to your G-spot and lets you control the motions, according to sheknows.com.

2. Cowgirl lying down

Once you're on top, lean back and put your feet on the bed, balancing yourself by resting your hands on your partner's knees and having them put their arms around your bottom. You'll feel cradled in their lap and also get great G-spot stimulation. It also lets your partner play with your clit for a blended orgasm, according to sheknows.com.

3. Sexy spoons

How it's done: Both partners lie on their side facing the same way with him cradling (or "spooning") her from behind as he penetrates her.

How to make it sensational: Be gentle and soft and try to get as much skin-on-skin contact as possible. Don't neglect the earlobes.

Why it's great: "As there is full body contact, it is a physically very intimate position," says Demontis

4. Legs on shoulder

How it's done: He kneels between her legs; she lies on her back and places her heels or knees on his shoulders.

How to make it sensational: Use a cushion underneath your buttocks to support and raise your pelvis and adjust the angle at which you're being stimulated. Keep eye contact and don't forget to touch and play not only with him but also yourself, according to glamour.com.

5. Magic mountain

Using assorted throw pillows, build a small mountain against the headboard of the bed. Bend over the mountain of pillows and have him enter you from behind.

The pillows will help to softly support your body, so his will follow your body’s natural arch. The sensations from your skin rubbing against the pillows and rubbing against his stomach, will help heighten your sense of arousal, according to consumerhealthdigest.com.

6. The Lotus Position

This is one of the more romantic positions as you get to gaze into each other’s eyes, if you wish. Have him sit with his legs crossed on the floor, and slowly sit down on him as you wrap your legs around his waist.

This intimate position lets you watch the play of emotions across each other’s faces, and can help to encourage more emotionally intense climaxes.