5 reasons why you should give your partner space

Giving space in your relationship is very therapeutic and it had positive ramifications on their relationship.


Spending time away helps you enhance your personality with things like learning something new, meeting up with friends, spending time with other family members and developing hobbies.


Couples need to understand that they are two individuals who are mutually bound by a relationship. Giving space to each other involves trusting your partner so that she can spend some time without any responsibilities.

Accept that it is completely normal and necessary for your partner to need `space' in the relationship. You need to understand that she is not rejecting you.

In fact, she wants to grow and dedicate some time to other important things in life and is giving you also an opportunity to do so. Give your partner a chance. If you try to question him/her, there are chances of arguments and ego clashes which might harm your relationship.


Introspection is important as every person needs to nurture their emotional and spiritual aspects. Also by staying away from each other for short duration, one may start missing the other partner and this will actually increase the love between the two.

Once you are okay with the idea of giving each other space, learn to balance it well. The levels of togetherness may vary from individual to individual. Rather than sulking about it, be mature to accept the fact. Start off by deciding for how long would you like to give each other space.

Chart out the tasks for which you will be utilising your free time and have an open discussion with your partner about what she intends to do in that period. Share your ideas and encourage each other. This varies from couple to couple. Each of them must decide on the amount of time or number of days that they are comfortable staying away.


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It might just be post-dinner time that you might want to unwind individually or it can be the weekend when you would want to spend a day together with your partner and another day pursuing your own things.

Having two separate bedrooms is not unheard of and doesn't always lead to disaster. Some couples also prefer to live apart for some days every month and come back to each other rejuvenated.

Don't just brood when you are away from each other. Make it fun by texting your partner, keeping him/her updated about what you are doing and sharing your experiences.


It will just make the getting back together more exciting. However, don't get upset if your partner does not reply immediately or if you have set guidelines on not being too much in touch with each other since regular communication might eat up on the 'me time'.

It might spell danger if you start drifting apart on account of spending too much time away . This usually happens when the relationship lacks an emotional connect and depends heavily on physical intimacy as one of the partners tries to fill the void with other things in life.


When this occurs, the other partner feels taken for granted. To avoid this, work on togetherness as well by remembering his her favourite things, important dates in your life and celebrating them.

You need to ensure that your personal space hasn't become the biggest space in your life. Do not ignore each other when you get together after a long break, in fact, show your partner how much you have missed him/her


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