There are several women who maintain that proposals are important. They argue that it is the only way you can differentiate between a causal relationship and a romantic one.

For other women, “would you like to go steady” is unnecessary drama. If you’re already hanging out 24/7, introducing each other to your friends and families, rolling in the hay every now and then, what other indication are need before calling the arrangement a romantic relationship?

After a conversation with some women who argue that proposals are very important, this is what we came out with.


Proposals are the surest way of making a relationship official. There is nothing like a verbal agreement of where the both of you are headed. You cannot take any chances; being sure about where you stand makes you sleep better at night.

How far is too far

If you’re the kind of woman who worries about how much you’ve put out, or  how often times you’ve picked up the laundry, it would help if you knew exactly why you’re doing him those favours. The litany of “you took advantage of me” can be avoided if one of you asks the other out officially.


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Grande proposal

The truth of the matter is, some ladies (and gentlemen) have lived the best part of their lives dreaming of the day someone asks them to be their significant other. If the person you’re with is one such person, give them their heart’s desire by asking them nicely.

By Dede Williams