4 signs you are too obsessed with your crush

It is normal to crush on someone but you should never go too out of your way to get on their radar.

  • You ask their friend for more info about them

But if you're constantly pushing their friend for info about your crush, it can not only be annoying but will make you seem a little stalker-ish.  You should get to know your crush on your own time, not through someone else.

  • You post things online so they will see it

When they fail at all attempts to gain their attention fails, they try to get their attention publicly by tagging them in posts. It's not a horrible thing to post things to try to get your crush to notice. Social media is not meant for impressing people.

  • You check their social media many times a day

Apart from visiting websites read newsworthy information, visiting online shops, we all exhaust our internet bundle visiting celebrity pages and those of our friends.

However, if you find yourself visiting a particular personal account countless times before the day ends, then you are insanely obsessed with that person.


It’s normal to check on your crush’s account once a while but it becomes a chore when you visit their page every second.

  • You send multiple messages

If you are very lucky to have your crush’s number, don’t expect them to be at your beck and call. According to the texting rules, if you send someone a message and they don’t reply, don’t send another set of messages until they reply.

If you continue to write long messages hoping they will feel pity and reply, it clearly shows you are too obsessed and they will everything they can to stay away from you.


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