Missionary is great sex position but it gets boring over time. According to some women, they don’t get a lot of clitoral stimulation. Men who are also practicing missionary are not creative. Mix it up!


Sex is more enjoyable when you are just receiving or giving.  69 sex position can very distractive as a woman has to crouch over the husband or boyfriend in an awkward position. The women usually end up forgetting about the task at hand.

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  • Crouching cowgirl

Every woman wants to be on top but the vast majority of women prefer to rest on their knees instead of popping up onto their feet. Being on your feet is a one-way ticket to thigh-burn central. Let her stay comfy on her knees.

  • Sex on the floor

Get your groove on. Having sex at new places also keep the love life intact. Sex is the floor is orgasm guaranteed but tends to be incredibly uncomfortable for a woman.

Her tailbone will get sore within a few thrusts. Unless you drag a mattress down onto the floor, there’s just not enough padding to make this position enjoyable.

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  • Shower Sex

The shower tends to go hand-in-hand with standing sex since that’s the most common shower sex position. Lots of people have fantasies about shower sex, but the reality of it is just not usually all that fun—you end up with soap in bad places, constant fears about smashing your head open on the tile, getting dried out by the hot water, and never being able to find your rhythm.

Instead, have sex before the shower, then give each other an erotic rubdown instead.