5 things every Ghanaian woman should consider before moving in with her boyfriend

Here are five things you should know before moving in with your boyfriend

It is terrifying; what if things don’t work out as expected?. How will you get back on your feet again?. It is a big decision to spend most of the day with the man you love and build a bright future together.

Before you accept his offer to make that bold step, here are five things to consider.

  • House chores

First and foremost, you aren't married. You are obliged not perform any wife or husband responsibilities. Even before you decided to move in together, each of you was doing their own chores. On the brighter side, you have some to assist you so that leaves all your burdens on them.

Make the process easier on both of you by discussing chores you each like to handle. Create a list and paste it someone in the bedroom as a gentle reminder. During weekends, you can do the house chores together to spice up your relationship and promote closeness.

  • Financial plan

Trust and honest should be the foundation of your relationship. Talk about each of your current financial situations and how much you each can afford going into the new housing situation.

  • Break up plan

On the side of the coin, we don’t expect a breakup but new couples should take that into consideration when moving in together. Love is strange and everything is possible in this world.

Consider drafting a cohabitation agreement, a legal agreement which provides each partner some protection should one of you pass away or you break up.

  • Privacy

There are always pros and cons to moving in with someone. It is very magical to wake up to see your significant other, have breakfast together and dress up for work. On the downside, he might invite his friends over to watch football matches together, organize drink ups and you have to cope with it.

He will also pretend to be the trophy boyfriend when your girlfriends come over to a pep talk. You must be mentally prepared to compromise through tough situations.

  • Expectations

Moving in together is a big step and a learning process too. You might think you understand what their significant other wants and expects from the situation, only to learn there were so many things that you didn’t consider.


People change and act differently in different situations. Before you move in, you were never bored when he gets home very late but now you are complaining because you can’t have dinner without him or you think he has chosen work for you.


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