5 things you should never say to a friend who's going through a breakup

Don't tell your friend to avoid communication with her ex because some people heal through remaining friends.

  • You will find someone better than him

When one door closes, another one opens. Obviously, she will find someone new with good qualities than her immediate ex-boyfriend but this is not the right time to bring up such conversation.

Keep her busy. Organise girls time; get her some ice cream, popcorn, tissue to wipe her tears and watch movies.

She needs time to get over her ex-boyfriend, heals her broken heart and figure out the next step.

  • That's too bad, I liked your ex

Keep your opinions to yourself. Obviously, he had some goods traits that made her fall madly in love with him. But this decision was already hard to make, and you have no idea what things were like between us when you weren’t around. Stop reminding her of his good qualities, you are causing more harm than good.

  • Finally

If you can’t sympathize with her, don't say harsh words. As they say, love is blind. This is not the right time outline all her flaws, at least she tried to make things. All's well that ends well.

Don’t tell your friend that she wasted their precious time, or that she took too long to get here. It can never get any worse.

  • He is asshole

You’ll never know the value of a person until you lose them. He is an asshole for letting go of such a special person like you bestie. She is hard work, beautiful, multifaceted and God fearing.

However, you don’t have any right to say her ex is a bad person. The future is uncertain, there is a 1 percent probability that they might settle their differences. Don’t say something you might regret later, just listen to her and give her a shoulder to cry on.

  • I know what you’re going through

We all know you have been through a couple of break ups. Seemingly identical situations may be drastically different experiences. Everyone’s experiences are different. Hell, yours could've even been worse than mine.

It shouldn’t always be about you. Remember that you are not the center of attention; your friend is.


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