6 creative ideas on how busy couples can spend more time with their children

Children who spend time with their parents participating in activities together build a positive sense of self-worth.

However, most parents spend so much effort trying to make money leaving their kids under the care of nanny or grandparents.

The family bond is very important and here are some things you can do to make sweet memories with your kids.

  • Family game night

Couples can make it a family tradition and spend quality time with their children every Saturday night. Playing board games, FIFA with the boys, ludo among the girls or card games as a family often leads to lots of laughter and fun conversation.

  • Cook together

Cooking together as a family is always fun and educative. While mom is doing all the hard work, the man can educate the kids about the nutritional value of the meal and the need for a balanced diet.

The children can also learn how to chop, diced and garnish food which will eventually help them at school. They will contribute to catering and science lessons because of their practical experience.

  • Rock Saturday

Teach your children personal, food and environmental hygiene in the creative ways possible. Men, don’t leave all the house chores for the women while you watch TV and chat with friends on social media.

Make sweet memories while tidying up your home. Make sure you add all the trending songs to your iPod play so that you can learn new dance moves from your children.

  • Reading time

Ask your children to pick a book from the school library or you can get the kindle version online and read on Sundays after church. This initiative will help the kids to improve their vocabulary, improve their grammar and reading skills.

  • Movie time

Try to select a movie that the whole family will enjoy and get something to talk about the next morning at breakfast.

  • Art time

Save some money on expensive paintings. Spend time together painting, drawing, or coloring and hang them in your rooms.


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