6 flirting ways to win your single boss' love

Subtly touch him at the right moment.

Love is strange. Love happens. We don't choose who to fall in love with.

If you truly believe your single boss is your soul mate; fight for his love and get your happy ending.

  • Try a suggestive text message

If you aren’t sure how to flirt with your unmarried and handsome boss, try sending him a flirty message during the holidays this festive seasons.

Start off this way and see how he responds. If the feeling is mutual, then you are sure of a starting the new year on a good note.

  • Make him laugh

Flirting doesn’t always need to be suggestive, sexy, and demure. Flirting should be fun too. Find sweet words to calm him down when targets are not meet and shareholders are sending emails demanding explanations. Try a  funny joke to take his mind off work and take him to lunch.

  • Compliment him

Remember, guys like compliments too. Tell him he looks dapper and smart every morning when he comes to work. Be the first person to congratulate him on his achievements.

  • Have confidence

Men find confident and hardworking women very sexy. If you want to flirt with your male boss do it with confidence and you are sure to pull it off.

  • Give him your full attention

Make sure you pay attention to him and listen to what he is saying.

  • Subtly touch him

Find the right moment during a business trip to get closer to him. Go to movies together, hold his hands tightly when it get to the scary or emotional scenes.

You can also invite him to your Christmas parties and get some alone time with him. Dance with him and get the opportunity to hug him passionately.


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